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Our Six greatest strengths

The industry’s top group of experts
We have professional therapists who are among the best in the industry. Our therapists have
gone through a rigorous screening process so that you can consult with us with peace of mind.

Affordable counseling
For a low monthly fee, you can choose from a variety of counseling methods. You can also
cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

Choose your counseling method.
For the same price, you can choose from four different counseling methods: “Message,” “Chat,”
“Phone,” and “Video.”

Counselor Matching
You will be matched with a professional therapist who is suitable for you by answering a simple

You can immediately send a message to your matched counselor to set up a live chat or appointment.
You can send as many messages as you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Anonymous counseling
Our services are completely anonymous so that you can consult with us without worrying
about anything.

Experience The Hieghest Quality Online Thrapy And Couseling In Houcut”

Professional Psychologist And Counselor Are Here To Help You.


Dr. Mostafa Karimi

After attending treatment sessions with Dr. Mostafa Karimi, I became more familiar with my feelings than before, and perhaps much more. It seemed like a kind of rebirth for me. The anger that I carried with me for years and after all these years I felt it new. This observation was a new beginning for me and according to him, I will continue what happened in the meetings in my life.

شراره قادریSharareh Ghaderi

I have been in the treatment room for about two years with Dr. Ghaderi, a respected, skilled and loving consultant, and I am really satisfied with the feeling of comfort in expressing all the issues I want and his subsequent follow-ups and consultations. Thank you and it has been very effective. I wish them good health and well-being

شراره قادریDr. Behnaz Judifar

Dr. Joudifar is the first psychologist that I’ve felt that actually cares about her job and her patients. She is absolutely knowledgeable, understanding, and sincere
Dr. Joudifar is an attentive listener and insightful person that I can easily talk about my concerns without having fear of being judged
She helped me navigate many life changes


Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the counselors?

Assistants, (LMFT) Marriage and Family Therapists, (PsyD / PhD) Counselors and houcut Therapists are trained, experienced and reputable psychologists. They all have a master’s or doctoral degree in their field (LPC) or authorized professional social counselors (LMSW / LCSW). After successfully passing their studies, exams, trainings and exercises, they have been qualified and certified by their professional board. While their experience, expertise, and background vary, they all have at least 3 years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience.

Who will be helping me?

After registering, we will match you with an available professional consultant who is tailored to your goals, challenges and type of issue. Different consultants have different approaches and areas of focus, so finding the right person who can get the best results for you is very important. We have found that most of the time we are able to provide a successful therapist. However, if you start this process and you feel that your advisor is not right for you, you may decide to refer us to another advisor, you can change your advisor at any time and Houcut is perfect for Finding the right consultant is with you and helps.

Is the houcut right for me?

If you are looking to improve your quality of life, you can make the right decision and make a smart decision. Whenever there is something that hinders your happiness or allows you to help.

We also have counselors who specialize in issues such as stress, relationships, parents, depression, consumption, eating, sleeping, trauma, anger, family conflicts, issues, grief, self-esteem, and more. The correctness of each of the following cases and challenges, houcut is not the right solution for you

You think you are hurting yourself or others

You are a minor or you are the guardian of a legal guardian

You are in an emergency or emergency situation

Have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or should be under psychological supervision or psychiatric care if recommended.

You either need psychiatric treatment

You are a device that connects to the Internet or a reliable Internet connection

How much does it cost?

The cost of counseling through houcut for Iranians inside Iran is from 250 thousand Tomans to 350 thousand Tomans and Iranians outside Iran from $ 28 to $ 38 per week and there is a distinctive and unique 4-week package that receives a bill every 4 weeks. And is based on the location, preferences and availability of the therapist. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason

I signed up, How long until I'm matched with a counselor?

In most cases within 24 hours or less

How will I communicate with my counselor?

You can consult in four ways:

Exchange messages with your advisor
Live chat with your advisor
Phone with your consultant
Video conferencing with your consultant
Depending on your needs, being and comfort, you can use different methods at different times.

Can theHoucut substitute for traditional face-to-face therapy?

Houcut specialists will provide you with expert and reputable therapists to improve your life and treatment. However, while these services have similar benefits, please note that your service provider is able to make a formal diagnosis. Do not take any medication or prescribe

How about my security?

We are completely obsessed with your privacy and confidentiality. We have developed an advanced technology, operation and infrastructure with one thing: protecting your privacy and protecting the information you provide. Our standards of privacy and confidentiality are far more advanced than what is required by law or regulation, so you can feel safe and comfortable.

Everything you tell your counselor is protected by strict rules

We do not work with any insurance company or employer, so there is no need to share, report or record with them.

You can always click the “Delete” button next to each message you send so it no longer appears in your account.

All messages between you and your consultant are secured and encrypted with 256-bit bank-grade encryption and are provided with the best security and protection in the class. “Grade A” Our servers follow the best modern methods in our facilities. Provides Online Security and Online Encryption (SSL) Our database browsing encryption systems are encrypted and cluttered, so they are essentially useless if they may be stolen or misused.

If you would like any of your information or records to be disclosed to a third party, please let your consultant know. Your consultant will send you a license form that you must complete and sign before publishing your information

Can I remain anonymous?

When registering, we do not ask for your full name or contact information. You can choose any “nickname” that identifies you on the system. Once you have decided to start the consultation process, we will ask you for your contact information for emergencies. This item is kept in a secure system so that if your advisor believes that you or someone else may be at risk, he or she can use it. Their licensing board is required. This information is kept strictly confidential and protected by a secure system and patient data protection laws

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